Advice & Consultancy in Microwave applications
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ACµW offers: Advice, Consultancy, Engineering and Sales Support activities in the RF and Microwave field. For either devices, components, subsystems or systems.


With over 25 years of Technical, Engineering and Sales experience, in the RF and Microwave field, ACµW can provide you professional efficient advice and consultancy support services within Europe.


The Company was founded in July 2011, after the owner retired from working for Air-Parts B.V. in the Benelux.  


In the past 25 years ACµW has built up enormous amount of relations of Rf and Microwave Manufacturers world wide, we can advice you of best possible solutions for your requirements.


In the same period ACµW has built up an large knowledge of Rf and Microwave customers in the Benelux and beyond, like: R&D, Space, Engineering, Test and Production etc.


ACµW can offer you an hourly rate or on bases of no cure no pay. The rates are moderate.


ACµW is totally independent, but we also have qualified partners to work with for reasons of proven performance  and reliability, low risk , high performance.




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Advice and Consultancy in Microwave applications
Customer and project detail information is confidential, a NDA is the basis of a project agreement / contract.